About Lex Unified

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the most professionally disciplined Law Firm which caters comprehensive legal services in cost-effective and prompt manner. We have full-time dedicated Advocates and Paralegal Attorneys and miscellaneous support staff. The firm has specialized groups for handling advisory and litigation matters. In addition, the firm is proficient of providing legal services to clients from its associate offices, networked in major cities across the country. The firm adopts a pro-active problem solving approach to the application and management of Indian legal issues.

Understanding the needs of a growing and competitive legal market, the firm has continually strived to offer the best and most responsible counsel/attorney based service to its clients. A relentless focus on knowledge management, effective client communication and relationship management has enabled Lex Unified to carve a niche for itself in the legal world.

Our experienced partners form the surface working directly with clients and they are fully supported by a close team of associates, network, administrative staff, and management. The success of Lex Unified is a result of its focus on every client, irrespective of its size or status. The firm’s Litigation Practice Group is devoted to representing clients in virtually all areas including Trials, Appeals, Revisions, Reviews and References. The firm’s litigation philosophy is to resolve matters in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner consistent with high quality and timely effectiveness. In furtherance of this philosophy, the Litigation Practice Group seeks to identify alternative methods to resolve high stake contested matters vide the mechanism of mediation, conciliation, negotiation and out of court settlement on a case-by-case basis.

How We Work

Lex Unified aims to offer to its clients, legal advice that meets the client’s needs and expectations, and in this it has been hugely successful as is evidenced by the firm’s various clients spread across India which inter alia include Corporations, Shipping Companies/ Public Sector Units/ Banking, Non-Banking & Allied Financial Institutions/Governments Departments/ MNCs, etc. We invest time in understanding our client’s business which enables us to provide commercially oriented and innovative legal solutions to achieve client-goals. We are the retainers of reputed organizations, banks and other MNCs, for providing necessary assistance, help and guidance in the field of law, allied matters and activities. However, due to Bar Council Restrictions & as matter of Privacy we cannot share individual client details.

Our Commitment

“We Respect & realize the value of time & to deliver with efficacy of time & to deliver with efficacy is our distinguishing hallmark.”

Lex Unified

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  •  100% Confidentiality
  • Qualified Legal Experts
  • Accountability
  • Specialized Legal Advice
  • Highly Reputed & Experienced
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